Just a bad bitch ready to be unleashed!

Let's be real... I am a 30 year old woman who knows what she wants and likes! I have an outgoing personality with the kindest soul you'll meet. I've got a sailors mouth and have been told often that I'm the life of the party!

I am married to literally the love of my life of 11 years. We are huge foodies over here! So gimme all the recommendations! We'll eat anything!

I'm extremely passionate about  teaching people that positivity will take you the farthest in life. That there are truly no limitations and you can have everything you set your mind to if you just believe within yourself. That is why, every gal pal that comes in to see me, leaves with a personalized gift, including a gratitude journal. 

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My Why

I did a lot of growing in 2021- I have learned that my purpose in life is to energize and fuel others. To make them truly understand that they are fucking special and beautiful just the way they are. My entire life I have been surround by people. I am here to serve and finding this niche has made my heart happiest! 

Photography has allowed me to be my whole self and meet new people. LAME and sooo cliche I know but I truly just love being with people and around them. Y’all I have a superpower, I am able to strike up a conversation with anyone I meet. Like anyone, my husband just about dies when I start talking to a stranger at the grocery store.

My boudoir photography is a safe place where you and I will create the most magical day in your life for YOU. I dream of the day where people can come together and discuss their goals, celebrate successes, and lean on each other in hardships. A platform where all are welcomed no matter what.